Thursday, 26 January 2017

Library figures

Wonderful news for Sam, 
and Rockpool Children's Books, 
when the library lending figures 
revealed that two of her books, 
were borrowed, collectively,
7,724 times 
between June 2015 - June 2016!

Great pictures, great stories, great books from
Rockpool Children's Books

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Polar White

Polar White 

It’s snowing!
In fact it’s always snowing where Polar White lives,
so it’s a perfect day for the beach.
Join him as he and Rusky the Husky take little Ted off to
the seaside for another exciting day of snowy fun!

Polar Whites Woo Hoo Day 

It’s snowing!
In fact it’s always snowing where Polar White lives,
so as the Jungle Express roars in bringing
the most colourful of winter holidaymakers, join them
and Polar White on their “Woo hoo day” of snowy fun!

Great pictures, great stories, great books from
Rockpool Children's Books

Boomerang Bear

Boomerang Bear 

Eddy thinks he’s too old for a teddy.

So he throws his toy away.

But Teddy, it turns out, is not that easy to get rid of.
Delightful story and pictures, perfect for reading
alone or aloud.

Great pictures, great stories, great books from

Monday, 16 January 2017

The Coal Mine - Derek Slater

A first for Rockpool Children’s Books, 
a non-fiction book!
The Coal Mine tells the story of deep coal mining.
The story is told through the dramatic paintings of
North East pitmen painter Derek Slater.
His paintings depict the hard working pitmen in harsh,
difficult conditions deep underground as they toil to fulfill the
unrelenting demands of industry and homes for coal.
The Coal Mine shows not only a way of life, which has
been consigned to history, but also a superb example
of the pitmen painter genre.

The Coal Mine at the Rockpool Albury BookShelf 

Rockpool Albury BookShelf

See inside is available for all of the books on
This allows you to see and read up to 5 spreads of
a book so you know it's the right one for you!

Rockpool Albury BookShelf

The Rockpool Children's Books Albury BookShelf 
is now open for business 
with nearly 60 titles on offer, old, new and French.
Also several delightful new picture books
in various stages of production.
I'd like to thank Imago and Hannah for all
of the help they've given me in this process.
Lot of hard work on both sides, so many thanks! 
I'd also like to thank Sam Walshaw, Heather Heyworth,
Rosie Brooks, Simon Partington, Mark Williams, Lisa Slater
and Derek Slater ( no relation )
for their faith, patience and continued support.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Rockpool Children's Books & Albury Books

Rockpool Children's Books, now established in the North East of England, are delighted to announce their publishing partnership with Albury Books.
Albury Books is a subsidiary of Imago, a global leader in the provision of print and production services to the publishing industry for 35 years.
Through Albury Books' streamlined Print-On-Demand publishing platform, the Albury BookShelf, Rockpool Children's Books are able to keep all of their extensive list available and in print, whilst retaining access to a host of more advanced print options and a global market-place.
This means that we have more time to focus on what we love - developing quality, inspiring, well-designed children's books in all formats, richly diverse in both stories and illustration that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.