Thursday, 6 July 2017

A new picture book from Sam Walshaw

A new picture book is coming in August
from the pen and Brush of Sam Walshaw.
It's the first book for a while from Sam,
author and illustrator of Maisey and the Pirates,
Little Fairies, Minnie the Minnow and Lulubell
and we at Rockpool Children's Books are
looking forward to it very much!

It will be available on the 

Scarlett and the Snail

Once, there was a little snail
who desperately wanted to fall in love.
“I wonder what love feels like
….could it be as good as nibbling
on a juicy leaf all day?” he thought.
Just then, he saw a lovely snail with
a brilliant red shell that
was as glossy as a cherry.

Wonderful picture book written by
Isabelle Marinov
and illustrated by
Sam Walshaw

Available through the 
in August. 

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Maisey and the Pirates - The Sea Monster

The Purple Pop-eyed Pirate eating Sea Monster loves 
Sam Walshaw's 'Maisey and the Pirates - The Sea Monster' book 
so much...he's already chomping his way through them!
The good news is there's still plenty of unchewed ones 
still available on the Rockpool Albury Bookshelf! 
In fact that's the beauty of Rockpool Albury Print-on-Demand, 
there's an unlimited supply!
It's another fantastic picture book from Sam as, 
with map in hand, Maisey and the Pirates set sail to find
lots of lovely, shiny, treasure.
But watch out!
Something big, purple, and very, very, grumpy
is heading their way.
But, happily, all is not what it seems!

Friday, 14 April 2017

Derek Slater - Painter - The Coal Mine

The Coal Miner has a history of working in a job which was arduous, 
dangerous and unhealthy, yet their contribution 
to so many aspects of life 
in coal mining communities and beyond is immeasurable.
Being employed in the mining industry for over 25 years, 
my interest in the portrayal of the pitman at work in different eras 
made it an obvious choice for my paintings. 
The cramped and hazardous conditions are a source of 
my endeavour to capture the miner in his working environment.
My interest in coal mining art is also well documented 
by pitmen painters in the North East such as Tom McGuinness, 
Oliver Kilbourn from the Ashington Group, 
Bob Olley and Norman Cornish. 
However it was also an inspiration for artists such as J.M.W.Turner, 
Sir Frank Brangwyn, Josef Herman, L.S. Lowry, 
Henry Moore and Keith Vaughan.


Rockpool 2017 Catalogue

A PDF of Rockpool Children's Books Catalogue is available on
the 'ABOUT' page of the website. Lot's of books, lot's of pictures,
and lot's of info....before you look at the catalogue you could 
have a look at the website too while you're there!


The LFF Colouring & Activity Story Book

Barcelona, Valencia, Swansea, Partick Thistle, 
Blythe Spartans, Sheffield Utd, Liverpool, Ferryhill Celtic....
whoever you support the brilliance of 
the Little Football Fan Colouring & Activity-Story Book 
is that you can colour the little football fan's strip, in the book,
in your team colours. It's an any team in the world book!
There's also a nice story, written by Mark Williams, plus activities
to test your skills of observation.
Note: As it is a colouring book, it is black and white
apart from the cover.
Great story, great pictures, great book

Roses Rainbow Pop Up Book

Found this delightful mock up of a pop up
of Sam's Little Fairies - Rose's Rainbow book
by the wonderful Ron van de Meer!

Not yet published.