Thursday, 14 October 2010

Frankfurt Book Fair 2010

Rockpool Children’s Books didn't exhibit this year, at the Frankfurt Book Fair...instead I wandered it's huge cavernous halls...meeting people here, companies there, but always busy. I do like this fair, it always seems well organised, and what never ceases to amaze me is the state of the place the night before the fair, and then next morning it's transformed, everything neat and tidy, carpets down...then that ominous bell as the fair is declared open! I've only been a publisher since October 2006, but it's amazing how many people you get to know from all over the world in that short time. I did miss having a stand, but hopefully, I'll be back next year. 

Four of our new titles, printing for spring 2011, and presented in Frankfurt.

After a busy day of meetings,
Wednesday night saw dinner in the Hauptwache.
Steak, Bratkartoffeln and beer...great 
place, unpretentious suprisingly quiet for a fair night.
There was a publishers party upstairs.
Company was David Adnett, Watermark International,
production advisor for Rockpool Children's Books over
the last five years, and Ron van de Meer, paper
engineer extraordinary and joke encyclopaedia!
Then it was a gentle stroll down to O'Reilly's near the
Station. Good to see Rupert from Meadowside in there,
who told me about Simon! Oh dear! 
Wishing you all the best, Simon, hope you're on the mend...
see you in Bologna!

Thursday was another busy day!
This summer we joined Bounce, 
and it was good to see Robert Snuggs, as always, at the fair, 
and good to see our titles displayed on his stand. 
His enthusiasm is infectious, and we had a very nice 
dinner with him and Danielle and Kate, 
followed by a drink in an amazing wine bar, 
the location of which I'm sworn to secrecy.

Friday morning early start. I'd registered for 
the Chinese children's book publisher's breakfast, 
which proved to be very interesting.
357 million are under 18; 16 million children born every year!
Picture books, I'm delighted to say, are a growing
sector of the market. publisher's names given plus
e-mail addresses. Very useful.
Meeting with David Bennett, always good value 
and he's a wealth of knowledge...his books looking as good as ever!
Finally, at the end of the day, it was a glass of bubbly
at the Treehouse stand to wish Hilary well, as this was her
last Frankfurt! It won't be the same without her!

'The Funny Little Moon Man - Simon Partington - Autumn 2011

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