Friday, 26 April 2013

The Prince....

Rockpool Children's Books 
published 'the Princess who couldn't sleep' in 2008. 

It ended on a cliffhanger...which I won't
disclose...but I'm delighted to say, a sequel is
in production as I type!
I thought it might be of interest to share the 
the 'rough's' process of the cover.
This is a development process so what you see may not
be the final cover...but then it might be...

This was the initial rough several years ago...

...that became the has to be flexible as
a publisher and as you can see, by request, the gender changed.
But now, we've written a new 'Prince' story, that suits
a prince much better....

This cover is work in progress, and is by no means finished,
and, as I said, could change...but I think drawing it
in the same composition as his sisters book
will create a 'family likeness'. 
As time goes on and the cover develops, I'll
post more illustrative developments!

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