Saturday, 15 April 2017

Maisey and the Pirates - The Sea Monster

The Purple Pop-eyed Pirate eating Sea Monster loves 
Sam Walshaw's 'Maisey and the Pirates - The Sea Monster' book 
so much...he's already chomping his way through them!
The good news is there's still plenty of unchewed ones 
still available on the Rockpool Albury Bookshelf! 
In fact that's the beauty of Rockpool Albury Print-on-Demand, 
there's an unlimited supply!
It's another fantastic picture book from Sam as, 
with map in hand, Maisey and the Pirates set sail to find
lots of lovely, shiny, treasure.
But watch out!
Something big, purple, and very, very, grumpy
is heading their way.
But, happily, all is not what it seems!

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