Friday, 8 June 2012

I was delighted to be commissioned by Giovanna Mantegazza, from
La Coccinella, Italy, to write and 
illustrate two stories for their Libri Coi Buchi series.
La Coccinella publish fantastic books, and this series
is very long running. Only one book
got through though, as my other story was a little close
to one of the originals...these things happen.
'Mamma dove sei?' is a 12 spread board book, and La Coccinella 
use inventive and imaginative decreasing holes
as part of the story to entice the reader through the book.
'Mamma, dove sei?' or 'Where's my mummy',
accompany's our little fish through a fantastic array
of sea creatures, and holes, as he searches for his mum!

Rockpool Children's Books are looking to publish this
and one other in the UK, probably in 2013.

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