Monday, 6 July 2015

Rupert Bear - Followers AGM Warwick 2015

Another year flies by and already the 
At this special annual event, 
(taking place at Warwick School on the 29th August)
there will be, once again, a bumper Rupert raffle
where participants have the chance of winning 
unique Ruperty items that are not available elsewhere. 
As in the past couple of years 
I shall be illustrating a unique piece of Rupert artwork 
for the 2015 raffle. The work is ongoing, 
and will be ready and framed for the event, 
but meanwhile here is the pencil rough
of the forthcoming artwork. 

To win the prize, you have to be a member of 
the Followers of Rupert to be able to buy a raffle ticket.
Details of the raffle, membership 
and subscriptions can be found 

I look forward to seeing you all again soon,
and hopefully meeting new additions to the fold...and,
good luck with the raffle!

Stuart - Rupert author/illustrator

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