Thursday, 11 November 2010

1.7 Million Viewers!

...watched BBC Breakfast time on Monday morning when Martin and I joined Sian and Bill on the famous red couch! I think it went ok. I haven't seen a recording, and can't quite remember what I said it was all a bit of a blur!
Didn't manage to get Rockpool Children’s Books into the conversation, 
but you can have a look by clicking onto the link! 
Walked past James Blunt on my way out...he was on his way in.

Didn't speak....but then I was in a hurry!
Sarah from MiComms, the PR company, and Nicola from
Classic Media were excellent and certainly calmed my nerves.
I brought loads of stuff, but they seemed happy with my two first annuals...
 from an era when everything was black and white.
 The auction of the Steiff Rupert Bear on Ebay,
for the charity Muscular Dystrophy, is doing well,
and it was up to about £5,500 last time I looked.
I hope they like my picture they get as a bonus with the bear!


  1. We thought you spoke and came across really well, we nearly choked on our cornflakes.

  2. Hi Pip, I've been amazed at how many people watch this programme that I know! I thought I'd slip on and off unnoticed...fat chance! Thank you for your kind remarks...I can't remember much about it and haven't seen it myself.