Thursday, 4 November 2010

Media Interest in Rupert!

Had a call from Simon Edge of the Daily Express yesterday
who did a telephone today I was in the paper.
Lot of media interest in Rupert, and why not.
He's a publishing 10 years time he'll be getting his letter from the Queen!
The photo in the attached article isn't me, I have to add,
but Alfred Bestall, the fact maybe even a Jedi.
If anyone is interested in illustration
then I do recommend that you check out Mr. Bestall's work pre-Rupert,
his draughtsmanship is superb...
so no pressure there then!

No Stuart Ruperts here, but the big one is Alfred; the one on the right
Mary Tourtel and the one on the left is Young Rupert.

My thoughts on Young Rupert are these...
I know he has courted controversy but the animation is superb
and if he manages to grab the interest of young children
I have no doubt they will grow up
to enjoy, buy, and collect the classic Rupert!

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