Thursday, 11 November 2010

Great news! nb ILLUSTRATION have taken on Sam Walshaw!
Sam submitted some illustrations and stories
to Rockpool Children’s Books about three years ago.
There was something unique about her style, and her story telling was excellent.
I took her books to Frankfurt and then Bologna,
lots of interest but no sales.
Then after one of our book idea brainstorming sessions,
she did Lulubell Ladybird, and then Little Fairies landed on my desk!
All three books published in the UK, Australia and France, six Fairies in Thailand,
and interest from all over the world.
Spring 2011 Rockpool Children’s Books will be publishing Sam's
astonishingly colourful
'Minnie the Minnow'
and 'Minnie the Minnow and Jasper the Jumping Jellyfish'.
The second 'Minnie' book written with her wonderfully
talented daughter, Maisey...a future star in the making!
look forward to working with Sam for many years to come,
 but meanwhile we'd like to wish her every success
with the excellent nb ILLUSTRATION!


  1. I forgot to mention...Sam, brilliantly talented, is also a woman of humbling modesty and few words!

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