Thursday, 11 November 2010

Great news! nb ILLUSTRATION have taken on Sam Walshaw!
Sam submitted some illustrations and stories
to Rockpool Children’s Books about three years ago.
There was something unique about her style, and her story telling was excellent.
I took her books to Frankfurt and then Bologna,
lots of interest but no sales.
Then after one of our book idea brainstorming sessions,
she did Lulubell Ladybird, and then Little Fairies landed on my desk!
All three books published in the UK, Australia and France, six Fairies in Thailand,
and interest from all over the world.
Spring 2011 Rockpool Children’s Books will be publishing Sam's
astonishingly colourful
'Minnie the Minnow'
and 'Minnie the Minnow and Jasper the Jumping Jellyfish'.
The second 'Minnie' book written with her wonderfully
talented daughter, Maisey...a future star in the making!
look forward to working with Sam for many years to come,
 but meanwhile we'd like to wish her every success
with the excellent nb ILLUSTRATION!

1.7 Million Viewers!

...watched BBC Breakfast time on Monday morning when Martin and I joined Sian and Bill on the famous red couch! I think it went ok. I haven't seen a recording, and can't quite remember what I said it was all a bit of a blur!
Didn't manage to get Rockpool Children’s Books into the conversation, 
but you can have a look by clicking onto the link! 
Walked past James Blunt on my way out...he was on his way in.

Didn't speak....but then I was in a hurry!
Sarah from MiComms, the PR company, and Nicola from
Classic Media were excellent and certainly calmed my nerves.
I brought loads of stuff, but they seemed happy with my two first annuals...
 from an era when everything was black and white.
 The auction of the Steiff Rupert Bear on Ebay,
for the charity Muscular Dystrophy, is doing well,
and it was up to about £5,500 last time I looked.
I hope they like my picture they get as a bonus with the bear!

Monday, 8 November 2010


Stayed at the Abode Hotel, Canterbury. Good hotel, good price 
and it owns a good pub a couple of doors away. 
Had dinner with Nick and Charlie from the Express Book Shop...just finishing 
when the place turned into a club! I'd have stayed but...
Next morning, full English, then off to the museum 
for a day of signing annuals, being interviewed by ITV Meridian, 
and more signing. Bit quiet, but made more bearable by Nick and Charlie 
being the other side of some beams. 
Signed the annual of the grand daughter of Glen Baxter!

Said I was a fan...hope the bloke believed me cos I am. 
Great museum, nice Rupert area, but also houses Bagpuss 
and other stuff by Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin.
Worth a visit.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Media Interest in Rupert!

Had a call from Simon Edge of the Daily Express yesterday
who did a telephone today I was in the paper.
Lot of media interest in Rupert, and why not.
He's a publishing 10 years time he'll be getting his letter from the Queen!
The photo in the attached article isn't me, I have to add,
but Alfred Bestall, the fact maybe even a Jedi.
If anyone is interested in illustration
then I do recommend that you check out Mr. Bestall's work pre-Rupert,
his draughtsmanship is superb...
so no pressure there then!

No Stuart Ruperts here, but the big one is Alfred; the one on the right
Mary Tourtel and the one on the left is Young Rupert.

My thoughts on Young Rupert are these...
I know he has courted controversy but the animation is superb
and if he manages to grab the interest of young children
I have no doubt they will grow up
to enjoy, buy, and collect the classic Rupert!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

BBC Breakfast Time - 8th November

8th November, Ruperts birthday, and I shall be
appearing on the BBC's Breakfast time! 
I won't be alone, I'll be accompanying Martin Crowther 
from Canterbury's Rupert Museum.