Thursday, 6 July 2017

A new picture book from Sam Walshaw

A new picture book is coming in August
from the pen and Brush of Sam Walshaw.
It's the first book for a while from Sam,
author and illustrator of Maisey and the Pirates,
Little Fairies, Minnie the Minnow and Lulubell
and we at Rockpool Children's Books are
looking forward to it very much!

It will be available on the 

Scarlett and the Snail

Once, there was a little snail
who desperately wanted to fall in love.
“I wonder what love feels like
….could it be as good as nibbling
on a juicy leaf all day?” he thought.
Just then, he saw a lovely snail with
a brilliant red shell that
was as glossy as a cherry.

Wonderful picture book written by
Isabelle Marinov
and illustrated by
Sam Walshaw

Available through the 
in August.