Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Little Welsh Rugby Fan

Mae Gareth yn hoff iawn o rygbi a thîm Cymru, ond mae'n drist. 
Nid yw'n gallu mynd i wylio'r gemau oherwydd fod ei dad yn gweithio i ffwrdd. 
Yna, un dydd yn y parc ... 
Stori i blant 3-5 oed.
YLolfa, based in Talybont, Aberystwyth, are the excellent
Welsh publishers who published the Little Welsh Rugby Fan  
and from all accounts it's selling well!
Many thanks to Lefi Gruffudd for taking the book, and we
look forward to hopefully working with YLolfa on
other books in the future. 
If you need a very good publisher in Wales...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Maisey and the Pirates

Delighted to announce Rockpool Children's Books will be
publishing Sam Walshaw's fantastic Maisey and the pirates and
Maisey and the pirates - Ghost Ship in the autumn.
The books were bought by a South African publisher and
we're publishing with them. Also pleased to say that
Barnes and Noble also took Maisey and the pirates, so American
children will be enjoying the adventures of our merry band too!
Two more titles will follow,
Maisey and the pirates - Grandpa's Treasure
and Maisey and the pirates - and a title to be decided!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Bologna 2012

The Bologna Children's Book Fair 2012 was back in March,
and I'm pleased to say it turned out to be a very good one. 
Rockpool Children's Books increased it's sales into China,
through our agents Christiane Janssen and Daniel Doglioli! 
We're incredibly grateful to them for their
hard work and long may our association with them continue.
Our new series of Rockpool Board Books - 'I love my....' series
was well received, and may I take the opportunity 
to thank Phuong Thao and Michael Brand of Starprint, Vietnam,
for getting the books done in time for the fair. 
They were delivered to my hotel, I Portici, in good time for the opening day! 
On the UK Publishers Association stand again and I would like to thank Gloria
for making it such an enjoyable experience. 
One almost feels part of a family. Gloria organised the
PA dinner at a restaurant just off Piazza Maggiore, and it was a wonderful evening.
Booked my seat for next year already! Great to see Rosie Brooks and her dad Terry
on the stand again. She takes self promotion to a new level!
Very talented illustrator, and her book we're promoting, Vince the Vampire
has attracted a lot of interest. 
Great to see Sam Walshaw at the Bologna Children's Book Fair again,
and her fabulous books continue to sell, and attract much interest.
The two Lulubell books sold into China, as well as 
the fantastically colourful Minnie the Minnow and
Minnie the Minnow and Jasper the Jumping Jellyfish.
Two Chinese publishers are currently interested in the Little Fairies series.
Sam's work on the 'I love my...' series received a lot
of praise and this could be a series that will run and run.
It has endless possibilities, and we're looking for co edition partners so 
should you be interested please contact me through our website.