Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Rockpool Children’s Books 
has placed an ad in the
Matilda programme, for July and August.
Matilda The Musical 
was splashed across the headlines following 
the prestigious Laurence Olivier Awards. 
It won a record-breaking seven Oliviers,
The four Matildas jointly scooped the Best Actress in a Musical Award.
Writers by Dennis Kelly and Tim Minchin 
were on hand to pick up the coveted 
Best New Musical Award and 
Matthew Warchus picked up the Best Director Award. 
The other awards were Best Actor for Bertie Carvel, 
Best Choreography for Peter Darling, 
Best Set Design for Rob Howell and 
Best Sound Design for Simon Baker.

Written by Roald Dahl,
it was published in 1988 by Jonathan Cape in London,
with illustrations by Quentin Blake
 Matilda is the story of a wonderful little girl,
who happens to be a genius,
and her wonderful teacher against the worst parents ever,
and the worst school principal imaginable!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Rockpool's Book Apps

Rockpool Children’s Bedtime Books
are available on the App Store.
BedtimeBook1...or 2...or 3...up to
the wonderful BedtimeBook11, Neandersmall.
Fantastic book Apps! Simple, nice stories, to be enjoyed
as a quiet iPad reading experience with your children.
If you want 'bells and whistles', buy a video game.   

We will be adding more books on an ongoing basis.
If you’d like to discuss the development of your own
e-book or App, contact us,
it’s a service we can offer you with our developers,
inkebooks & Fingers‘n’thumbs.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rupert rough

Thought this might be of interest?
This is the initial pencil rough, that lead 
to the finished illustration to be raffled
at this years Rupert AGM.

Mars Technico clutch pencil, HB lead,
90gsm tracing paper.

Rupert - AGM Warwick 2012

An original Rupert illustration, 
by Stuart Trotter, for you to win
in the Followers of Nutwood AGM raffle 
at Warwick School, 25th August 2012.
Forms for tickets will accompany the next newsletter. 

Black line, inks and body colour,
 Cotman cold pressed, 
90lbs/190gsm watercolour paper.
Initialled, signed and dated on the back.

 - Rockpool Children’s Books are proud to present
The Little Football Fan© by first time author, Mark Williams.
We're publishing high quality picture books that 
encourage football fans of a young age to read and be read to.  
The Little Football Fan© series embraces the ethics
of the FA of fair play, respect and responsibility,
both in the game and as supporters.

We’ve designed the books in two ways. 
For general release, the format is 210mm x 210mm.
The books to be sold through club shops and at games,
are child and match friendly,  and are 150mm x 150mm so
are a manageable ‘pocket’ size. 
The extent is 32 pages, and full colour throughout. 
They are also a robust quality product, section sewn and perfect bound.
The books have strong story lines, and illustration, 
are educational, portable, collectable, affordable,
and we believe they will appeal to it’s target audience.

- As well as The Little Football Fan© picture books,
we are developing other books such as 'LFF Football Skills',
and a comprehensive LFF teachers resource pack.
Also, the strong characters and branding will,
we're sure lend themselves to quality merchandise.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Jane Winton

 A refresher blog to show the fantastic work of Jane Winton. 
These two wonderfully dark 
children's picture books, hark back to the stories
of the brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson,
and are beautifully illustrated with acrylics on board.
Looking for partnership with publishers to 
print these books. PDF's are available for consideration.

Catalogue update...nearly there!

 After a couple of years of neglect I'm now in the
process of updating and rejuvenating the full fat catalogue!
Rockpool Children's Books produces a new catalogue for
each new book fair, but in a more practical format, and
will continue to do so. But if you wish to see more
details about the books we've done, or about to do,
you can refer to, or download, the big catalogue
from our website or blog.
Here's the cover...the rest will follow in a week or so!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Elaine's Tulip

Elaine is born into a world
ruled by an all powerful dragon that subdues the population and
demands of it, riches mined from the Earth itself.
The dragon is empowered by these riches,
and as it's strength grows,
so the Earth is drained of much of it's life and colour!
Then one day, young Elaine finds something curious
in the dust of her back yard!

This fantastic picture book is currently being illustrated.
A labour of love, publication will occur
in the not too distant future.

Friday, 8 June 2012

I was delighted to be commissioned by Giovanna Mantegazza, from
La Coccinella, Italy, to write and 
illustrate two stories for their Libri Coi Buchi series.
La Coccinella publish fantastic books, and this series
is very long running. Only one book
got through though, as my other story was a little close
to one of the originals...these things happen.
'Mamma dove sei?' is a 12 spread board book, and La Coccinella 
use inventive and imaginative decreasing holes
as part of the story to entice the reader through the book.
'Mamma, dove sei?' or 'Where's my mummy',
accompany's our little fish through a fantastic array
of sea creatures, and holes, as he searches for his mum!

Rockpool Children's Books are looking to publish this
and one other in the UK, probably in 2013.

Robbie the Roach

Cockroaches were the topic
on Vic Minnets show on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire,
one day in May...
so I got a call from her producer Sarah, requesting a drawing.
The result, Robbie the Roach!