Monday, 30 June 2014

Elaine's Tulip

Written several years ago, I'm finally
ready to do this book. I've looked at it many times, tried 
various ways of doing it but never been happy, 
so back into the drawer it went.

I'm happy to go ahead now. I know what I'm
doing. I'm in the zone.

I hope you enjoy seeing these 
working drawings, a part of the process I love.
I'm a big fan of roughs!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Rockpool ebooks

Rockpool Picture Board - Elephant

Rockpool Picture Board - Dinosaur

Pip Ahoy

Rockpool Children's Books 
really likes this animated series
from Cosgrove Hall Films.

To quote:
'Pip Ahoy aims to bring fun and laughter into 
every home with its mixture of the extraordinary and the familiar. 
Pip and his friends will carry out a rescue here, 
solve a problem there, taking care of their close-knit 
community and looking out for others. 
But this is not to say that the show 
is anything but warm, boisterous, silly and fun.'

Friday, 27 June 2014

Rupert Bear - Annual Gathering in Warwick 2014

August bank holiday weekend will see the usual gathering
of Rupert Bear followers at Warwick School, Warwick.
An interesting day celebrating this icon character.

When the final schedule is decided I'll 
post the details on the
Rockpool Children's Blog and Facebook.

The above illustration is unique and will
be raffled on the day. 
It's pen and ink/watercolour, bodycolour,
40cm x 20cm and will be beautifully framed.

To be able to buy a raffle ticket you
MUST be a member of the
Followers of Nutwood.
If you wish to take part and possibly win this 
fantastic illustration
details of membership can be found here

Good luck.
Remember, you have to be 'in it, to win it!'

Stuart Trotter
Rupert Bear Annual Author and Illustrator.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Rockpool Children's Activity Books

Rockpool Children's Books are publishers of fine illustrated picture books, 
and now I'd like to present Rockpool Children's Activity Books.
Quality activities, superb illustration, fun, a little challenging, 
and over 100 stickers in each book! 
 In keeping with The Little Football Fan's aim, 
'to encourage reading through a shared passion for football'
the Little Football Fan Activity book will do just that, 
but with drawing, colouring, counting and much much more.

Publication date to be decided.