Saturday, 4 January 2014

FourFourTwo Magazine

We'd like to thank FourFourTwo magazine
for the fantastic feature and review they've done on The Little Football Fan 
in the latest edition, available from all good newsagents, 
and also for the iPad, a wonderful endorsement, we're very grateful.

Launched in 1994 after a no-show by England at the World Cup in the USA, 
FourFourTwo magazine arrived on the newsstands with a fresh, 
insightful approach to football. Now entering its 20th year, 
FourFourTwo has interviewed every single major star of the 
game from Pele to Maradona, Mourinho to Brian Clough and Messi to Ronaldo.
Access to the stars in the game has been won through years of 
hard work by the magazine’s editorial team, gaining the trust and 
confidence of the football community as well as building a contacts 
book that is second to none. People in football like talking to us and, 
quite frankly, we quite like talking to them. But access is only part of what we strive to deliver every month in the magazine.
Our other key aim is to bring a level of insight about the game that is 
impossible to find in any other football magazines, websites or newspapers. 
Our reading of the game and ability to analyse what we see unfolding 
before us allows us to deliver genuine insight that turns our readers into the 
most knowledgeable amongst their peer groups. 
Our readers love FourFourTwo magazine because it gives them 
the information they need to impress and inform their mates.
The core of the magazine’s offering is its heavyweight features section.
 It is not unusual for the editorial team to dedicate 12 pages to a single story 
when necessary, taking the readers deeper than they’ve ever been into the 
chosen topic using the world’s best football writers. This is supported by
fantastic design and photography, creating the perfect package for avid football fans.
FourFourTwo’s readers are knowledgeable about the game and vary 
in age from youngsters to senior citizens and they are all over the world.
FourFourTwo magazine is now published in 15 different territories across the world, 
giving us a global footprint that reaches from Mexico to Thailand. 
Wherever you are in the world of football, FourFourTwo is there.