Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Bish Bash Books - Scaredy Cat - Book of the week.

Delighted to see Bish Bash Books Scaredy Cat is Book of the Week 
on Melissa Northway's site.
Melissa is the writer and creator of the Penelope series 
along with many other unique stories.
To see and explore Melissa's wonderful website, go to
to go directly to see Scaredy Cat, here's the link.

Many thanks Melissa, from Rockpool Children's Books,
and Scaredy Cat author illustrator
Stuart Trotter!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Sam Walshaw - Maisey in Sainsbury's!

Available for pre order at Sainsbury's, 
Sam Walshaw's wonderful Maisey and the Pirates series 
published by Rockpool Children's Books. 
Two titles available at the beginning of 2013 are
'Maisey and the Pirates - The Sea Monster'
and 'Maisey and the Pirates - Ghost Ship'.

Summer 2013 will see two further Maisey and the Pirates
'Maisey and the Pirates and Grandpa's Treasure'
and 'Maisey and the Pirates and the Noisy Parrot'.

Author/Illustrator: Sam Walshaw
Publisher: Rockpool Children's Books Ltd 
ISBN: 9781906081430  
Release Year: 2013 Genre: Children's  
Number of Pages: 32
                                                 Pre-order at Sainsbury's Now


Heather Heyworth - Riding on an Elephant

 "Riding on an elephant, what can I see?"
asks the little girl...quite a lot as it happens, as she 
rides through the jungle accompanied 
by Heather Heyworths gentle rhyme.
Another collaboration of Rockpool Children's Books,
Bish Bash Books, and Inkebooks brings another high
quality picture book to life.
As with all of Rockpool Children's Books, it's a delightful
reading experience, and now one, through the alliance
with Bish Bash Books, brought to life for 
a shared reading experience on the iPad.


Riding On an Elephant - Heather Heyworth

Sam Walshaw - Neandersmall

Rockpool Children's Books were delighted when Sam Walshaws
wonderful children's book Neandersmall was chosen by 
Bish Bash Books for their eBook programme. 
The eBook conversion was done to a very
high standard by Inkebooks. The book is a literary delight combining
Sam's fabulous storytelling and illustration with subtle animation,
read along, background music, and to cap it all a song, featured at the end
written and sung by the books narrator, Matt Marshak.
You can hear the song as it's featured on my previous blog.

More Neandersmall books are planned. 

 Author illustrator, Stuart Trotter, and owner of Rockpool Children's Books, 
and the current storyteller and illustrator for Rupert Bear, 
is now publishing fixed format ePub3, read out loud, picture books, 
in the iBookstore, allied with Bish Bash Books in New York. 

Neandersmall Song

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Rockpool Children's Books and Bish Bash Books

Rockpool Children's Books have formed a literary alliance 
with Bish Bash Books, in the US, and are co-publishing 
a series of Rockpool Children's Books initially in eBook format 
for the iPad, from author/ illustrators 
Stuart Trotter, Sam Walshaw and Heather Heyworth.

Books Available in the iBookstore:
  • Neandersmall and the Egg - Sam Walshaw
  • Scaredy Cat - Stuart Trotter
  • My Perfect Pet - Stuart Trotter
  • Riding on an Elephant - Heather Heyworth
  • Boomerang Bear - Stuart Trotter
  • What am I asked the Butterfly - Stuart Trotter

Stuart Trotter